10th February 2021

Teaming or not?

Not every business or part of a business will benefit from operating as a team, but teams are the best multiplier of human talent that I know of. Teams are great to be a part of and when I ask people to make a conscious choice of whether to operate as a team or not, the decision always seems to come down in favour of teaming.

But teams are difficult to form and to get working and turning a team into a high performing team is another thing altogether.

It shouldn’t be a surprise. We go to school and we learn in teams, but we are examined as individuals. When we go to work we may be required to work as teams but we are probably paid and bonussed as individuals.

The teams that the media focusses on are often nothing more than a collection of overpaid individuals fuelled by self interest and with a mercenary’s sense of loyalty. It is rare to find a football team, for instance where the players are all from the same continent let alone the same town.

I find that fewer and fewer people were brought up playing team sports. Often the question of ‘which was the best team you were ever a part of?’ is met with blank looks.

All of this makes the power of a high performing team all the more difficult to create but also all the more successful when we do.

Doing good by doing well.

A well led business will benefit the world more than almost anything else. If you would like some help in improving your business performance or just someone to talk to please reach out. We are in some of the most challenging times ever. Don’t wish that life were easier, take action to get better.,

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