22nd December 2016

The Law of Motion

I often talk about the journey, of life, of growing a business. I praise clients and their businesses for moving forward. The symbol for my business is a spiral, and I talk about how important it is to constantly spiral upwards and how if we stop driving forward then inevitably gravity will cause us to spiral downwards. We cannot stand still. We must strive to be better today than we were yesterday in whatever way we feel is important for us. Most of us can ride a bike, but riding a bike that is stationary is impossible for most of us.

The thing that all of these metaphors have in common is the concept of motion, of movement. Going forwards is good. Going backwards is not so good. I realise that a lot of the language that I use contains this notion of motion. When talking about growing the business owner to grow the business I might point out that the results that they will have will be the product of who they are and what they do in the same way that momentum is the product of mass and velocity; another metaphor of motion.

The opposite of motion is inertia or stagnation. Sometimes we might call this homeostasis, the tendency of a system to maintain internal stability. We often kid ourselves into believing that stability is good, that stability is where safety lives. But stability is about maintaining, not progressing. Stability may seem good but generally it isn’t a great thing for anyone.

There is a plaque on my wall that says that happiness comes from progress, a sense of moving forward and contribution. It is all about motion.

Once we are in motion, many things become easier. We can speed up, change direction, change focus, we can even pivot 180 degrees if we so desire. None of this is possible where there is no forward movement. In order to be able to do any of this we must first make the decision to move, to get into motion.

So my end of year wish for all of us is the gift of the law of motion. May you move forward, may you move forward quickly, safely and ethically.