10th August 2021

The Only Silver Bullet

We seem to all have a knack for seriously misdiagnosing our business ailments. You will hear it nearly as often as I do; ‘if only I could generate more leads’, or ‘if only I had better PR’ or ‘better marketing’, or ‘a more aggressive sales team’.

In my experience it is rarely so simple or so straightforward as that.

Businesses are incredibly complex and interdependent so the ‘problem’ is rarely singular and the solutions never are. And being on the inside we lack the perspective to make good diagnoses on ourselves. That is why it is rarely wise to refer to google rather than the doctor or appropriate specialist.

And whilst I am saying that looking for the silver bullet is usually a fool’s errand, there is one silver bullet that is guaranteed to raise performance all round and we should never ignore it. That is the silver bullet of self development. It can be no coincidence that Einstein said we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them and Jim Rohn told us not to wish that life were easier, but that we were better; Carole Dweck has written extensively about the growth Mindset and even the ancients urged us to ‘know thyself’.

The problem may well be ‘out there’ but the solution is generally ‘in here’. As Stephen Covey said “Change- real change comes from the inside out not from the outside in. it doesn’t come from hacking at the leaves of attitude and behaviour, by telling or advising, by fixing or teaching….it comes from striking at the root- the fabric of our thought, the fundamental essential paradigms, which give definition to our character and create the lens through which we see the world”

What strategies and processes do you have in place to strike at the root of your (individual and collective) thought?

There are lots of challenges in the world but a business that is run well can benefit the world more than almost anything else, creating purpose, dignity, and wealth in honest and worthwhile work, but it is a competitive place in which to thrive. If you would like an edge and to significantly improve your business performance and expand your thinking please reach out.

Doing good by doing well.