2nd December 2020

The Pandemic, Resilience and the Leader’s Role 2

Up until a couple of years ago I never needed glasses. Now I need them pretty much all the time.

We have been under the shadow of this pandemic for about 10 months now. I can notice, personally, slight changes in my mood, my enthusiasm, my resilience. These are taps on the shoulder.

We tend to notice what we are focusing on and I paid a very rare visit to Facebook this week and noticed a number of people confessing to the occasional ‘wobble’, similarly on LinkedIn. (One of the reasons I rarely use Facebook is that it doesn’t seem to affect my mental health in any positive way).

I know, from my own experience, that declining mental health is very similar to declining eyesight in the way it can creep up, unbidden and almost unnoticed, particularly to the individual. We often are called to regular eye check ups and we can start to notice when reading small print starts to become more challenging.

We are often less vigilant about our mental habits. Do we notice when our self talk starts to turn even more negative, that we are laughing and smiling less, that we are starting to become more sarcastic in our thoughts and more negative in our outlook, that everything seems to be a bit more of an effort? We certainly can’t depend on being called in for our annual mental health check.

One of the challenges of worsening mental health is that it effects our judgement and so we are more likely to dismiss some of the tell tale signs and pass them off as unimportant or insignificant. That is when we need each other to see in us what we may not be able to see ourselves, and having seen it to call it out in a compassionate but effective way.

Often in business we can become too task focussed to notice all of the other human signals that are going on around us.

Don’t let the busyness of the constant zoom calls and teams meetings cause us to be too heads down to notice what is going on around us. Find some time for non work human interaction. It doesn’t have to be fake fun and merriment, just build in some time to draw breath and pay attention to what Carl Jung called ‘the miracle of the living soul’.

One of the prime responsibilities of any leader is to take care of the people in our charge.

Doing good by doing well. A well led business will benefit the world more than almost anything else. If you would like some help in improving your business performance or just someone to talk to please reach out. We are in some of the most challenging times ever. Don’t wish that life were easier, take action to get better

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