24th July 2014

There Are Some Things We Must Never Stop Doing

As businesses grow the problems do not get smaller, they get bigger. However if the skills, attitude knowledge and behaviour of the business leader have grown too then their ability to deal with those problems can make those problems seem smaller.

In a nutshell, that is the objective of Business Coaching, to help the business owners and business leaders to develop their skills attitude knowledge and behaviour so that they can be far more effective in much less time. So they can handle bigger challenges more easily.

There comes a tipping point where the things that once caused us challenges, no longer do. Things like managing and engaging people, marketing our goods and services, understanding the financial dynamics of our businesses suddenly start to appear to become easier and more efficient. Of course they are still as difficult as ever they were, it is simply that our competence to deal with them has increased disproportionately.

It is the same when we learn to do lots of things. Think about your experience when you first learned to drive a car. If you are anything like me, you would have typically found it extremely difficult to get the car moving without stalling. Initially it took a lot of concentration, effort and repetition, with the instructor constantly reminding you to find the biting point, let the handbrake off and feed just enough power in. Eventually you probably would have got the hang of it, but it would typically have taken a lot of concentration and effort over a long period of time.

Eventually you would have found that you became very natural at driving. Now you probably just jump into the car and drive off to work without even thinking about it. When we become good at something we reach a stage which is often called unconscious competence. We can do things without needing to think about it.

That state of “unconsciousness” is a danger zone. Because we are performing without really thinking about it, we allow bad habits to creep in. How many drivers do you know are so unaware of what is going on that they fail to notice the danger signs around them?

So it is with many of the skills attitudes and behaviours that we need to run a successful enterprise. We can become unaware, blasé and take those things for granted. That is a danger zone.

The touch may become lighter, it may become more easy and effortless, we may be more elegant in our execution but we cannot ever allow ourselves to stop doing the things that need to be done and doing those things consistently insistently and persistently and at a high level.



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