20th February 2013

There is no right, there is no wrong. by Ian Kinnery

There is no right, there is no wrong. There are only choices. Life and business are a series of thousands of small and large choices taken every minute of every day.

Coaching is a process of facilitated self reflection which will allow the coachee to make decisions which are more useful to her. As John Whitmore has said coaching is about awareness, accountability and responsibility.

Awareness of what the options are, what forces those decisions may be driven by (they are certainly not all conscious decisions), and what the options may be. This awareness alone gives each of us a wider choice in the decisions we make and good coaching will help align those decisions to the person we really are, not the imposter that often shows up and pretends to be us to the outside world.

Accountability and responsibility refer to the fact that we are not simply victims of circumstances. We have choice and the knowledge that our lives represent the sum total of the consequences of all of those choices, for which we are accountable and able to choose our responses.

A good coach will gently and respectfully yet firmly hold the coachee accountable for her choices in a way that few other relationships are able to, which is one of the things that makes having a coach so transformational in so many lives in so many ways.

A good coach is a compassionate yet unreasonable friend. They are always on your side. They always have your back. They will not let you fall, but because they will not accept anything less than your best you will find them unreasonable, particularly in the way that a good coach will demand that the very best of you shows up each time and every time. That is why we all need a good coach.

Ian Kinnery