11th July 2013

Think! by Ian Kinnery

This week’s thought comes from Keith Cunningham, one of my coaches.
Take 30 minutes out of your schedule to actually THINK this week! Think….I promise it will have a profound impact on the level of success you are able to achieve in your business and life.
The best in the world at anything from swimming, golf, ballet, piano or business all have two things in common:
1. They studied and apprenticed under someone who was a Master to learn the critical skills and tools. Masters allow you to do the right things right the first time and simultaneously avoid making the most basic and stupid mistakes. It’s the mistakes and setbacks that keep most business owners poor and struggling. Just about the time they are starting to climb out of the last hole they dug, they promptly start digging a new one.
2. They never stop practicing to improve and learning new distinctions. The best in the world know that they must practice to get better and learn something new on a daily basis if they are to retain their greatness.
There is simply not a way to get to the top, become successful and sustain that success without having an experienced mentor, guide or coach at your shoulder. Tiger Woods is a great example of someone who is achieving greatness and the common denominator he has with every other person who is at the top of their game is he surrounds himself with coaches who watch him swing. Tiger has the exact same problem you and I do…. He can’t see himself swing…. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know so he surrounds himself with people who watch… people who coach… People who will tell him the truth.

What are you practicing? Are you improving? Do your customers or employees have some coaching for you? Are you asking them what they think? Are you listening? How can you get this coaching faster?

Now go THINK! You’ll thank me later.