29th May 2015

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

“Above all I provide value first”. That is my mantra. I believe that the only reason that businesses have the privilege of being in business is that they provide enough value to enough people who are prepared to pay for that value which allows the business to continue to grow and operate. Simple really when you think about it.

So it would follow then that all businesses should know their Value Proposition and be able to state it. Can you?

With acknowledgements to Kevin Daum who wrote “Roar! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle”, a Value Proposition should answer the following three questions.

1. What is the pain we solve?

2. What is the best solution?

3. What makes our company the best solutions provider?

And it should be written on a single piece of paper.

I believe this piece of paper should be in front of anyone and everyone who is involved in the business at all times. Do you know your value proposition?

If the answer to that is no, and it probably is; and you think you can tear one off in double quick time, which you probably do, then be careful, be very careful. You are about to miss a huge opportunity: an opportunity to involve your team; an opportunity to get more than one brain focussed on the question and an opportunity for some think-time with your team. Like many of the questions I look at with clients the magic isn’t necessarily in the answer on the page. The magic happens in the thought and debate that takes place which allows us to put the most appropriate words on the page.

This process will take longer than you ever imagined and will bear more fruit than you imagined too.

Another mantra here at Team Massive Results is that we eat our own dogfood, which basically means that we take our own advice and do what we advise our clients to do. So you would expect us to have our own value proposition. We do.Here it is.

Team Massive Results

Value Proposition

The Pain We Solve

Often when businesses are growing, their growth falters or stops short of the business’s real potential because it becomes limited by the owner or leader’s knowledge, capabilities, or behaviour; by their lack of growth.

The Best Solution

Is for the business owner/ leader to grow their knowledge, capability or behaviour so that the business can grow.

Why We Are The Best Solutions Provider

1. Our unique approach is based on giving value and we guarantee the results will be greater than the investment.

2. Our unique guarantee means that if you cannot make this work for you, you can stop it at any time.

3. We are recognised as performing at the highest levels in the field of business and executive coaching.

4. We specialise in the small and medium sector of the world of business, with particular expertise in privately owned and family owned enterprises.

5. We have successfully been leading our own businesses and growing their profits for over 35 years.

6. We have been coaching business leaders and business owners to grow successful businesses for over 8 years.

Having clarity on how your firm creates value for your clients is very powerful. Do you know your value proposition?