4th September 2014

We Are All Perfect


Team Massive Result’s Thursday’s Thoughts

Please enjoy “We Are All Perfect” by Ian Kinnery

We are all perfect; perfectly designed to get the results that we get.
To me that statement is a fundamental belief, a philosophy if you like. In my world that does not mean that we deserve the results we get or that the results we get cannot be significantly improved; far from it.
I also believe that we all do our very best with the resources we have. Once again that statement is not a fatalistic acceptance that we are where we are and we cannot do better because I also hold as a fact, as a core philosophy if you like, that we all have more potential than we can use in 100 lifetimes.
Aren’t those statements contradictory you might ask? I don’t believe so, and for one simple reason, which is that part of the resources that we have is surely the ability to access the resources that we have.
We all have the resource of courage for example but individually our ability to access that specific resource will vary widely between each of us. In fact our own individual ability to access any specific resource will also vary from moment to moment and from one context to another. One person may be very courageous in dealing with their personal health while another might flee from confronting those issues and yet be courageous in dealing with family conflict, for example.
To me it is a source of constant hope and optimism that we all have virtually limitless resources and the only real limitation is a self imposed one on our ability to access the wealth of resources that we possess.
The even better thing is that we can all learn to restore access to those resources we were all born with. Very often what has happened is that we have unconsciously learned to limit ourselves, and it is possible to learn how to throw those access gates open again.
All of this means that wherever we are, in life and in business, we need not be stuck. There is all of the possibility in the world to break out, to break through to the next level and the level after that; whatever that may be for you.
All we need is the courage to try and the right teacher; although you might need the right teacher first to inspire you to access the courage to try!


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