2nd April 2020

Which W are you?

A friend, fellow Scaling Up Coach and red wine drinker from the USA has noticed that businesses are falling into four categories in the current climate. An interesting observation. Which one most closely represents your position?
There are challenges and opportunities in abundance right now. Do you have the mindset to prosper? Do you have the courage to seek the help that you will need to navigate the world which will never be the same again and which is changing by the hour?

1. (Lottery) Winners: Those that are thriving now in light of COVID-19. Their issue is staying strategic in the midst of the fire hose of opportunities they are drinking from. They value coaching to keep focus on People, Strategy, Execution and Cash and keep them out of the weeds. These clients are actively hiring A Players to meet demand.

2. Warriors: Companies who are unsure where things are going, (business may be either fine or down) and despite uncertainties and challenges are developing strategies to improve or pivot revenues. These clients are also actively hiring A Players to upgrade their teams. These companies tend to see strategic planning and coaching as essential to business success and are in it to win it!

3. Worriers: Companies who are unsure where things are going, (business may be either fine or down) but even despite concrete improvements in their business; see coaching as non-essential to business success. They tend to focus on Cash Out vs. Cash In and there is not a strong plan in place to improve or pivot revenues. They need to let B Players go for performance reasons, but do not. Many opt for broader layoffs instead, affecting the broader team. These companies often struggle with both communication and execution. These firms also struggled or resisted elements of Scaling Up. In other words, they’d opt for a diet pill over exercise.

4. Wanderers: Companies whose doors have been shut down due to “stay at home” orders. Revenues have been reduced to nearly zero. Those that want to fight and plan for re-emerging stronger than ever on the back-end of this crisis are worth working with even at temporarily low or no revenues to the coach.

Thanks to Rick Crossland for his observations.