5th June 2014

Who Gives A Damn? by Ian Kinnery

We have spoken about the need for every aspect of a business, every line on the accounts and every process to have an owner, to have a single person who is designated to be accountable for that line, that process, that result. If it is not designated to someone, we know that the accountability will naturally default to the business owner / business leader, whose first and most important accountability is leading the business.

For accountabilities to be successfully delegated to another it seems like a statement of the obvious that the first requirement is that the recipient of the accountability baton, above all other things, has to care, they have to give a damn.

Now people care about all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons and if we expect someone to do a good, maybe even a great, job of taking accountability for some aspect of our business, we have to know that they care.

Motivating and inspiring others to behave in a certain way will be the result of a combination of factors not least of which is leadership.

Warren Bennis the distinguished professor of Business Administration at the University of Southern California said the “basis of leadership is the capacity of the leader to change the mindset, the framework of another person”. In other words to inspire, motivate or somehow to engender enough care and concern about the outcome to enable the accountability for things to be transferred to others within the organisation.

Without care there can be no truly successful transfer of accountability