11th November 2020

Why Recruiting Is Your Number One Skill

Question: When was the first motorcycle race?
Answer: As soon as the second motorcycle was built.

When did recruiting become the number one skill for a business leader to learn? The moment we started working together to form businesses. Of course, a few years ago it wasn’t such an important skill. When we were employing farm workers or manual workers there wasn’t a great deal of difference between one employee and another, provided both were equally sound of wind and limb.

In today’s, complex, uncertain and highly connected world there is a huge difference between one recruit and another. In this world of knowledge workers where most of the differentiation between the performance of one firm and another lies in their human capital, this is not something that you can afford to be slapdash about.

The right recruit will be a pleasure to work with. They will have initiative and knowledge which they will bring to bear enthusiastically and judiciously. They will energise everyone around them and help you to grow the business, the customer experience and your reputation.

The wrong recruit will be difficult to work with. They will expect you to do the thinking for them and execute either badly or reluctantly. They will require much more supervision for much less results, and will drain your energy and that of everyone around them.

Drucker said that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Research by Professor Will Felps has proven the disproportionate negative effect a negative person can have on even the most positive and gifted team. Behaviours, like emotions are contagious. Being able to differentiate an A player from all of the C players before you employ them will be the most impactful thing you can do in your business.

Getting the right people in the right seats is one of the most important set of decisions in any business and the one that we have the least expertise in.

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