Personal Transformation

Every business reflects the person or people at the top which means the limits on business growth and performance will quite often be the limits of the business leaders.

Sometimes, the things that smooth the way in one part of our lives are the things that get in the way in another, so to successfully grow our business we need to develop our own flexibility to grow.

The difference between an average company and a successful one often lies in the people at the top: their vision, will, commitment, discipline, and the actions they take to change from who they are into who they want to be.

For the business to grow and transform, the individuals in that business also need to grow and transform.

Here’s How We Do It:

As a senior leader / owner of scaling businesses for over 30 years I learned by my many mistakes.

Now having studied under some of the best minds on the subjects of business, personal development and behavioural change, and being fully accredited in an extraordinary set of world-class profiling and developmental tools, I have been coaching leaders and leadership teams for over 15 years..

Transform This Into This
Lack of confidence Self-assurance
Poor execution Explicit achievement
Lack of direction Clear goals
Poor productivity Improved productivity
Lack of focus Targeted focus on clear priorities
Limiting constraints Application of strengths
Unclear communication Effective and powerful communication skills
Victim mindset Winning mindset
Blame, excuses, and denial Ownership, accountability, and responsibility
Self-limiting beliefs Empowering beliefs

As you and your business grow and develop, the process will change.

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- Paul Holmes - Chips Away

"I would encourage anybody to attend this seminar, particularly as it is FREE. You cannot fail to walk away without a very positive attitude as to how you will run your business in the near future."

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