Dave Harvey – Financial Advice Bureau

I am a sole practitioner Independent Financial Adviser and I have been working with Ian for 3 years.

Fortunately I have always had extremely loyal clients and a strong business. I claim to know everyone of my several hundred clients by their first name and consider them to be friends.

Ian Kinnery. What do you say about him?
I agree with Ian’s description of a business as “A profitable, commercial enterprise that works well without me”.

When we first met Ian I had the profitable commercial enterprise part of the definition sorted but nothing could be done without my direct involvement. I thought I had a business. I did not. I had an organisation which I worked for 24/7.

I am delighted to say that over the 3 years that I have been working with Ian, the turnover from my profitable commercial enterprise increased 20x over (an increase of 2000%). I could now take holiday without worrying about my business, however I still questioned, “If I did not call into my office for 6 months, would my business still be there?”

In February my Doctor told me that I was dying. Perhaps not the best way to find out if my business could work without me but certainly a way that could not be disputed.

Since February, I have been involved with finding my successor and I can now say that Ian’s coaching works. My business has continued to work well without me. My business will move on and fortunately, at a time when the Financial Services industry has been hit harder than ever before, my business will move on at a high premium.

At this most difficult of personal times, I find it reassuring to think about the good things that I have experienced. One of the foremost of these in my business life has been working with Ian Kinnery – the results we achieved, his incredible depth of understanding and the never failing support of Ian and his team make them simply the best.

Ian I cannot thank you enough.

Dave Harvey

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