Jackie Firth – Butterwick Hospice

When given the opportunity to recruit an assistant into our small, busy Marketing and Publicity Department I knew it was vital to make the right choice of candidate. I was quite worried about how to attract the right person. I was lucky enough to benefit from recruitment training provided by Ian Kinnery at Team Massive Results. Ian’s approach to recruitment was quite different to what I had considered and it made me think about what I really wanted. I chose a candidate for the position based on the training from Team Massive Results rather than my original thoughts and couldn’t be happier with the result. I now have a great assistant who has lots of enthusiasm and passion for the role and the organisation, who is making a valuable contribution to the department. If you need someone to fit a specific role I would recommend you talk to Ian Kinnery before you advertise your position.

Jackie Firth Publicity & Marketing Manager Butterwick Hospice Care

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