Lynn Beasley – Washington Direct Mail

Hello Ian and Helen

I know I never seem to be able to come to the annual champagne celebration or have much time to catch up with you but I think I’d be well out of order if I didn’t take 10 minutes out to send you a huge thank you.

Whenever I achieve anything or whenever I am told what a good business we have I silently thank you for giving me the confidence to continue. The most important thing you ever showed me was to celebrate the wins – every hour, day, week, month and year.

Now, even when I have a terrible mare of a day I put the bad bits behind me and find a win no matter how small to concentrate my thoughts on.

This is our 30th year and we have decided no more rent – we are buying our premises on Team Valley (yes, the one everyone told us would bring the company down because it was too expensive!)

Thanks again for your massive input and the weekly messages and here’s to your continued success too.


Lynn Beasley Washington Direct Mail

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