Michelle Rose – Custard & Bear


What can I say about the past eight weeks of coaching? I dont really have the words…

To say they have been transformational would be true, but still wouldn’t accurately explain how far I feel I’ve come.

For me working with you wasn’t about the money. It was about transforming me, my confidence and my self-belief. By working on me the money will come.

We also worked on my sales process and how I closed my pitched and the impact was immediate. That same week I won every piece of work I pitched for and closed £1000 of sales; before working with you I would have only won one of those clients and probably closed £90 of work. That’s a hell of a difference!

I’ve been close to tears, Ive roared with laughter and I’ve had some real ‘light bulb moments.’ No two sessions were the same, but all eight sessions were amazing.

I thought that being afriad of being successful was the silliest thing in the world until you made me read Marianne William’s quote:

“It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

In fact, every time I wondered whether to voice something you had a story, quote or lesson to help me understand the way I was feeling.

I know you have touched many lives during your years of coaching and over the past months you’ve touched five more; Mine, Kieran’s, Quinn’s, Albie’s and Olivia’s. 

Thank you isn’t enough, but I hope it’s a start…

With love

Michelle Rose

Custard & Bear

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