Paul Alsop – Yarm Computers

1 November 2005

To whom it may concern

Having known Ian Kinnery for around 9 years as a client I was very interested when he made me aware of his action business coaching practice.

Having attended his 90 Day Planning Seminar I would have no hesitation in recommending it unconditionally. The lessons learnt in this seminar have already made my Co-Directors and myself look at the business from a different angle and began a slightly modified approach to the way we operate.

The business is already seeing benefit from this process and I expect these benefits to grow long term as we better implement Ian’s recommendations.

I consider these 90 day planning seminars a must for any small/medium business and I am already booked on the next one in approximately 3 months time.

Yours sincerely

Paul Alsop
Managing Director.

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