Paul Holmes – Chips Away

A couple of weeks ago, I attended Ian’s FREE “Why Winners Love Recessions” seminar at his office in Falcon Court. I was fairly confident that my business would survive the recession before attending the seminar. However after the event, I was absolutely certain not only that I would survive, but that I would prosper. Besides being an excellent networking opportunity, the seminar itself was very informative and I left in a very positive frame of mind.

I gained confidence in the knowledge that I already use most of the practices Ian expounded, but the extra “nuggets” provided by him certainly helped focus my frame of mind for dealing with the current economic situation. In fact, I have already put steps in place to invest in myself by attending further training.

I would encourage anybody to attend this seminar, particularly as it is FREE. You cannot fail to walk away without a very positive attitude as to how you will run your business in the near future.

Paul Holmes

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