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The Story of Kinnery

The story of the Kinnery coaching brand didn’t begin in 2005 when the company first began trading. The reasons started to form many years earlier.

Ian’s father was a successful businessman who died when Ian was just 14, leaving him feeling as though he had to fight to survive in an aggressive and hostile world and as head of the family. Locked into a Victorian boarding school whose motto was ‘the hard nurse of men’ he found a way to thrive. He fought his way through. The fight continued through university and into his corporate career where he became managing director of a multimillion-pound business while still in his twenties. He grew some of the biggest and most respected businesses in his industry until he bought his own dealership while still in his mid-thirties.

Twenty-five years of fighting eventually took its toll as Ian neared his fortieth birthday when he suffered a major breakdown. He lost everything up to and almost including his life.

It is the trauma of those days that inspires Ian today. He believes his life’s work is to help people learn what he learned the hard way, so they don’t have to go through the same trauma.

A great coach once explained ‘We know what we know but we don’t know what we don’t know and it is what we don’t know that costs us.’ Ian says that he knew a lot about getting great financial results but didn’t know much about managing himself or about managing his thinking, and that is what nearly destroyed him completely. So, when he set up his coaching practice in 2005, he was on a mission to help business people have a better life, with less stress and greater financial rewards and now he has a 15-year track record and hundreds of examples that prove he was right.

Ian says he wished he had had a coach all of those years ago, but also admits that he probably didn’t have the necessary courage and humility to listen, learn, change and avoid disaster. We all want to get better but we aren’t all ready to do the hard work that will enable us to get better. That is why Kinnery coaching is for the humble and the brave.

Kinnery is all about helping humble and brave business leaders and business owners avoid the downs and accentuate the joys of being in business and keeping them safe.

- Paul Alsop - Yarm Computers

"Having attended his 90 Day Planning Seminar I would have no hesitation in recommending it unconditionally. The lessons learnt in this seminar have already made my Co-Directors and myself look at the business from a different angle and began a slightly modified approach to the way we operate."

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