Team Transformation

Organisations perform better and achieve better results when the leadership operates as a cohesive and effective team.

Working as a team, towards the same goals, supporting each other, and driving the business forward requires a huge amount of commitment and focus.

This is very different from each member of the team operating well in isolation, or with individual ‘teams’ operating in business silos.

The best results are achieved when the leadership team

  • trust each other
  • is able to have healthy conflict
  • demonstrates total commitment
  • is individually and jointly accountable, irrespective of hierarchy
  • is concentrating on achieving results which are focused on ‘the greater good of the organisation’

Here’s How We Do It:

I am a certified and accredited coach for The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team, certified in Team Emotional Intelligence and also certified as a Stakeholder Centred Coach by Marshall Goldsmith – which means I can select exactly the right tools and programs to help yours become a high performing leadership team.

Next Steps:

Get in touch for a 60-minute team initial meeting.

Based on what we discover together, we can create the appropriate roadmap to best help you build a transformational team.

Transform This Into This
Lack of trust A genuinely supportive team
Mean-spirited politics and issue avoidance Positive debates that generate great decisions
Empty commitments and lip service 100% genuine commitment
Little or no accountability Accountability is how we do things
Focus on self above team When the team wins, we all win

As you and your business grow and develop, the process will change.

Visit some of the other pages to see what else may lie is store for you.

To find out more get in touch by calling 03300 538 550 or emailing or filling in the form below.

I really want my business to grow. We are in a strong position, but I'm not really sure how to push it to the next level...
To be honest I stopped enjoying running this business 12 months ago. I still want the business to grow, but I also want to have more time for myself...
We have a great business but the leadership team are not really pulling in the same direction. We could do so much better...
I feel like my leadership team and I are standing still. We need to move forward and push on to the next level...
l really feel that my business has huge potential - so how can I grow it faster without everything falling apart?
Now that I've heard about Scaling Up, I really think my business is ready for the next challenge...
I've worked really hard over the last few years but I'm reaching the limits of what I know and hitting a few barriers. I could really do with a bit of guidance...
There are definitely gaps in my team and we've probably pushed the business as far as we can with our current skill set...
The truth is, I don't know what I don't know so I'm reaching a bit of an impasse with how to grow my business...
I reckon I'm a pretty good leader but to be honest, as the business grows, I'm beginning to realise there are some big gaps in my knowledge and skills...
I feel like I'm working all the hours there are for no real reward. I seem to be earning money, just to support other peoples salaries...
My team seems to have different goals and we don't really support each other. Surely this has to be holding the business back?
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- Paul Alsop - Yarm Computers

"Having attended his 90 Day Planning Seminar I would have no hesitation in recommending it unconditionally. The lessons learnt in this seminar have already made my Co-Directors and myself look at the business from a different angle and began a slightly modified approach to the way we operate."

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