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How we work together

Guarantee and contract.

The first thing to know about working with Kinnery is that there is no contract. You are free to terminate the arrangement and sack your coach at any time. The nature of coaching is about behavioural change and so if the client is not putting the effort in, not doing the agreed homework I will sack you. My reputation is a consequence of the results my clients get and I will not jeopardise that. Being clear that there are no hidden traps means we can both focus fully on getting the very best results.

To back that up there is a guarantee, and that is that I guarantee you will get more value than you are paying for. If that isn’t the case you must sack me and stop the process.

My average engagement lasts between two and three years, because I give consistent and ongoing value. I am a coach, not a consultant, so I wont come in and do it for you. Being a coach means that I am focussed on helping you to become the best you can be and getting the best results, so I will do whatever needs to be done to help you achieve what you want to achieve.


I specialise in 2 types of coaching.

Business Coaching is where I am working with the business owner / leader one on one helping them to grow themselves and their business. We will run a diagnostic meeting so that we can all understand where the client and the business are starting from and where they want to get to and in what timescale.

The results of that diagnostic will be to create a roadmap. This roadmap will form the agenda for the work we will be doing. Because we will be using your business as our test case the agenda will also be informed by what is happening in the business in real time.

This very effective format is also applicable when working with 2 or three business partners being coached together.

The Scaling Up methodology is more suited to situations where the business has a leadership team or is forming a leadership team. In this case we meet as a leadership team to co-create the One Page Strategic Plan and create an iterative and rolling three year strategic plan based on the four decisions of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. The objective is to help the leadership team to be effective and efficient as a team and to scale the business, keeping everyone on the same page and pulling in the same direction.

Although I describe these as two different methodologies, they are rarely totally separate. Rarely can the leadership team coaching exist without some individual one to one coaching and vice versa so, in real life, often we develop a hybrid rhythm.

Meeting Rhythm and commitments

Business Coaching

Research has shown that we learn best when there is a regular rhythm. For business coaching this means a weekly rhythm. We will meet at the same time every week and follow the roadmap. Each week the client will commit to certain actions that they will decide on. When we meet the following week we will review the progress and learnings from the action taken. The pace and degree of progress will therefore be set by the client’s ability to do what they have committed to do.

As a rule of thumb clients must be prepared to commit twice as much time as we are going to spend together on their commitments. In other words for every hour you spend with the coach you must be prepared to commit to twice that to work on the things you have committed to. This will ensure the optimum progress for the investment.

Scaling Up

Scaling up has its own in-built rhythm of meeting every quarter, for a minimum of a full day with 2 days for the annual planning session. 2 days quarterly will allow for more executive education and faster growth. Individual one to one sessions are also recommended as are interim team meetings to maintain progress.


Each engagement is totally bespoke as no two people or businesses are the same and each engagement will naturally develop over time as we constantly seek the most effective implementation for the client. However, the two formats above describe the basic patterns.


The following investment levels are based upon the expectation of a long term relationship, in line with our standard terms

Business Coaching

1 hour per week

Monthly Investment

£2,495 + vat

90 minutes per week

Monthly Investment

£2,995 + vat

2 hours per week

Monthly Investment

£3,495 +vat

Leadership Team Coaching (Scaling Up)

Full Day

£4,000 +vat

Half Day

£2,500 +vat

Payment is in advance, by direct debit or electronic transfer and payment should be made to


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