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I really want my business to grow. We are in a strong position, but I'm not really sure how to push it to the next level...
To be honest I stopped enjoying running this business 12 months ago. I still want the business to grow, but I also want to have more time for myself...
We have a great business but the leadership team are not really pulling in the same direction. We could do so much better...
I feel like my leadership team and I are standing still. We need to move forward and push on to the next level...
l really feel that my business has huge potential - so how can I grow it faster without everything falling apart?
Now that I've heard about Scaling Up, I really think my business is ready for the next challenge...
I've worked really hard over the last few years but I'm reaching the limits of what I know and hitting a few barriers. I could really do with a bit of guidance...
There are definitely gaps in my team and we've probably pushed the business as far as we can with our current skill set...
The truth is, I don't know what I don't know so I'm reaching a bit of an impasse with how to grow my business...
I reckon I'm a pretty good leader but to be honest, as the business grows, I'm beginning to realise there are some big gaps in my knowledge and skills...
I feel like I'm working all the hours there are for no real reward. I seem to be earning money, just to support other peoples salaries...
My team seems to have different goals and we don't really support each other. Surely this has to be holding the business back?

Business coaching for the humble and the brave

Business coaching guaranteed to add value to your business.

Headed by Ian Kinnery, an experienced and respected business coach, entrepreneur, and European Coach of the Year, we are committed to developing you and your business to deliver significant and quantifiable results. Coaching is not about giving you the answers it is about helping you to find the answers that work best for you. So unlike consultants, there is no one size fits all and we won’t do the work for you.

Our clients value someone who can work with them, support them, coach, and develop them so they can develop a system, the skills and the discipline to achieve their goals. So, if you want to move your business to the next stage, are tired of working too hard for too little reward, and want to balance work with life, then get in touch.

Guaranteed value, proven results.

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Do you want to enjoy it more?

Business owners often find that simply running their business day to day is overwhelming. What they thought would give them happiness, freedom, and financial rewards, has become a burden.

But it doesn’t have to feel like this. Your own business should actually generate you more income and put you under less stress, so you have more time to enjoy your success.

But it won’t just happen by itself.

Do you want business to grow?

20%, year on year business growth is not achieved by always doing what you’ve always done. If things stay the same, and your team stays the same, the results will stay the same.

Scaling up creates a significant and positive change in your approach to people, strategy, execution, and cash - driving the business into, and through, a period of rapid growth.

But it won’t just happen by itself.

Do you want your team to perform better?

Because so much of a business’ success comes down to its team, it’s important that they work together and strive for the same goals. That they work within a culture of accountability at all levels, and trust and support each other.

The best leaders, the best businesses, work with the best teams.

But it won’t just happen by itself.

Do you want to be a great leader?

Leaders have to be willing to expand their own boundaries to get to where they want to be. In order to grow and transform themselves and their business, they have to be flexible and adaptable.

A poor leader will limit the success of their business, a good leader will enhance it.

But it won’t just happen by itself.

- Craig Armstrong - R S & C Armstrong

"Where can I begin? Such a journey...."

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