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Business coaching for the humble and the brave

Ian Kinnery is a professional business coach committed to be the best and most results focused coach in the World.

Headed by Ian Kinnery, an experienced and respected Business Coach, entrepreneur and European coach of the year, here at Kinnery we are committed to growing the business leader to deliver quantifiable and significant business results for you and your team.

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"Thank you very much indeed for the Seminar you put on, on 12th February."

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Video Testimonials

Steve Smith talks about how having a business coach has positively impacted his business and his personal life.

Steve Farrell from Aircon Refrigeration Ltd talks about how he used coaching to bring synergy to their multi sites.

Julie Mathieson, md at DMA Law, talks about the changes she was able to make in the business through working with Ian.

The team at ERW Joinery talk about the benefits of working with Ian Kinnery and the positive changes they have made personally and within their team.


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Bounce Forward

In the UK, at least, we are about to come out of lockdown, ‘irreversibly’. I am not a futurist and this is not meant to be about predicting what will happen. We have been in some form of lockdown for...


Clear Strategy, Rigorous Execution

As lockdown hit I helped clients develop an interim strategy. For one business it was very simple, ‘to survive so that we can come out the other side stronger knowing that some of our competitors won’t survive’ The strategy was...