16th September 2020

What will you retain?

Lockdown can be regarded as a huge experiment and I am fascinated by what we have learned from it, both as individuals, as leaders, as businesses and as teams. Recently I have been asking people specifically what they have learned. The answers are all very different and very wide ranging.

This week one person reported she had gotten fitter and her life and her attitude had been enhanced by being fitter. Another reported she had found out that as a family unit they got along well and were good for each other. Yet another that he had been able to invest quality time getting to know his young son and helping him learn and he had also stated running again, built a gym at home and had lost a stone in weight. Another that they had read and learned and studied in the extra time they had available.

There were some great answers to the question, but the more powerful question is “of everything that you learned, what are you going to retain as the world starts to pick up pace again?”. The answers were less certain and much quieter as people realised that they had already let some of their beneficial and new habits lapse.

One of the reasons we do this is that taking exercise and eating well are not urgent and when we get back to living life at anything near normal pace again the urgent squeezes out the important. The danger is that we don’t retain what we have learned but continue to do what we have always done.

How we allocate our time is a choice. It takes awareness and discipline. You and I have that choice. Let’s choose wisely.

Doing good by doing well. If you would like some help or just someone to talk to please reach out. Coming out of lockdown will be far more challenging than going in was. I know I can help and I am committed to do so.

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